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Posted: 23 May 2014 17:08
by Tobia
i am searching for Informations about the Vikos Gorge in Greece. Until now i haven┬┤t found anything. Now i ask my self if there are any routes in the Vikos Gorge and if not what ist the reason? In Pictures it looks climbable.
I am visiting Greece nearly every two years and i would like to got to the vikos gorge in the next years to maybe establish some routes.

Would be great if someone can give me some information...



Re: Vikos

Posted: 23 May 2014 18:12
by Hippo

Re: Vikos

Posted: 23 May 2014 18:18
by Tobia
Thank you very much!
Looks great!
How is the rockquality in the Gorge and do you know how much potential for new routes there is?

Re: Vikos

Posted: 24 May 2014 16:29
by Dimitris
Add this: ... mfi-Papigo

There are many more, not published here.

The central page for this area, is

The rock quality is different in every place. There is solid rock and loose rock.

This large area could host thousands of new routes. Short, long, easy, difficult, sport, trad, etc.

It's up to you!