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Olympos - Zilnia - S. Face

Gounaridi - Georgiadi

"Gounaridi - Georgiadi" and "Ilios tou Fevrouariou"

[1] "Gounaridi - Georgiadi", [2] "Xehasmeni", [3] "Ilios tou Fevrouariou"

The first ascent of the route "Gounaridi - Georgiadi" (IV+, 160m) was realized on 14/3/1964 by S. Gounaridis - V. Georgiadis. This line is widely known as "The Classic" since it is the most popular route of this field.

The route moves on good quality rock and it is equipped with bolts. In order to climb "Gounaridi - Georgiadi" a set of nuts and slings are required. All the belays, except for the last one which is set on a tree, are also equipped with bolts.

The first repetition of this route was realized on 19/9/1965 by O. Ioannidis - I. Pantoulas - S. Gounaridis - A. Spanoudis, while the first solo repetition was realized in September 1980 by D. Bountolas - H. Delimpaltas.

This route, as well as many others of the same field, has several variations, among which the most interesting ones are "Xehasmeni" and "Ilios tou Fevrouariou".

The variation "Xehasmeni" (V- A1, 70m) was realized on 15/5/1966 by A. Spanoudis - S. Gounaridis. The line starts some meters to the left of the regular beginning of "Gounaridi - Georgiadi". It consists of three pitches and finishes at R2 of "Gounaridi - Georgiadi". M. Arzoglou - V. Georgiadis and D. Bountolas - D. Kinatidis were the first to repeat this variation on 14/4/1979.

The variation "Ilios tou Fevrouariou" (V+, 50m) was realized on 11/2/1979 by V. Hatzivarsanis - T. Adamakopoulos. This line starts at R3 of "Gounaridi - Georgiadi". At first it moves toward the right on a loose ramp and then, after two pitches, it meets again with the route "Gounaridi - Georgiadi", at R4. The first repetition of this variation was realized on 8/5/1982 by H. Delimpaltas - V. Hatzirvasanis.

Source: D. Bountolas - Climbing guidebook of Zilnia, D. Mavropoulos

Translation: E. Katsikerou

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