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Olympos - Zilnia - S. Face

Botini - Gounaridi

[1] "Botini - Gounaridi", [2] "Bountola - Hristidi - Tsilidou", [3] "Gounaridi - Georgiadi"

The first ascent of the route "Botini - Gounaridi" (V+, 160m) was realized on 28/5/1967 by P. Botinis - S. Gounaridis, while A. Spanoudis - E. Eleftheriadis were the first to repeat this route on 6/12/1967.

A variation of the route was realized on 30/5/1976 by D. Bountolas - T. Hristidis - E. Tsilidou. This line moves upwards and a bit to the left so as to follow the traverse (VI-) of "Stigmi tis alitheias" for the final exit. The first repetition of this variation was realized on 12/4/1979 by D. Bountolas - M. Arzoglou.

Today, "Botini - Gounaridi" is climbed as a combination of different neighbouring lines and it is actually one of the most popular routes of the field. The 2nd pitch ends on a ledge, from which a traverse to the right is usually followed so as for the exit to be done by the last three pitches of "Gounaridi - Georgiadi" or by one of its variations.

In order to climb this route, one should be equipped with a set of nuts.

The last three pitches of "Botini - Gounaridi", that is from the ledge and up, were opened up on 10/10/1965 by A. Spanoudis - E. Arvanitidis as a variation of the repetition of the route "Gounaridi - Georgiadi".

Source: Anevenontas i. 23, D. Bountolas - Climbing guidebook of Zilnia

Translation: E. Katsikerou

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